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Jack Roush is a legend in the world of racing. The former Ford engineer went on the track in the 60s, to become a champion. It was to share this desire for success and his desire for performance that Jack Roush created a company that could enhance Ford vehicles by providing them with equipment designed specifically for them.

Today, driving a car retouched with Roush parts is a guarantee of power, reliability and performance as you could never have hoped.

The legacy of the race

With unique parts, patented active exhaust systems, quality brakes and lightweight, durable aerodynamic accessories, Roush is offering Ford Mustang and Ford Focus owners the opportunity to remodel their cars to get the most out of them, while preserving the comfort and driving pleasure of these vehicles on the road. Enthusiasts can themselves improve their vehicles, or opt for any Mustang specially prepared according to Roush's recommendations by specialists. A guarantee of power and quality still unmatched.

Power and durability

But Roush's performance does not just translate into sedans. It also concerns the best selling vehicle in America, the Ford F-150. Whether in more traditional versions, or more powerful Super Duty versions, the Ford pickup truck receives a powerful treatment that allows it to become real racing cars, not neglecting their ability to work. From active exhausts to sporty suspensions, the Roush parts come to give the Ford F-150 a brand new personality. And the exclusive F-150 models, like Nitemare or Raptor Roush, push performance even further.

From the city to the track

Roush vehicles and Roush performance parts are designed specifically for your Ford. When you drive them, you can move from the city to the track, without compromise. Consult our specialists at Mont Bleu Ford to find out more.

Roush Vehicle
Roush Vehicle
Roush Vehicle
Roush Vehicle
Roush Vehicle
Roush Vehicle
Roush Vehicle
Roush Vehicle

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